ZED Floor Plan, Passive Solar Thermal Buffer Zone

Zero Energy Design® coined the term “Thermal Buffer Zone” in the materials about our first ZED home in 1979. It is the extremely efficient concept that two small temperature differentials result in lower undesirable heat transfer than one large exterior envelope temperature differential. Since 1979, “TBZ” has appeared in popular architecture literature many times, but most Architects(R) still do not understand how to use it cost effectively in a zero energy building.

This narrated video shows a beautiful, open, efficient, abundant-daylight floor plan, and how our refined Double Shell Thermal Buffer Zone transfers solar gain from the sunny side of the home, to the cold side of a Zero Energy Design building with NO electricity. We also describe summer Energy Recovery Ventilation solar cooling, and how we hide all solar panels and satelite dishes from view on all sides. By Larry Hartweg Zero Energy Design® “Abundant Energy Man” ZEDmaster@ZeroEnergyDesign.com

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