Wentzel’s Insulation – Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

At Wentzel’s Heating & Air Conditioning our Insulation Division provides insulation for both residential and commercial buildings.
Wentzel’s Insulation specializes in spray foam insulation.
Whether you need new construction or retrofit insulation, spray foam has many advantages and is the top choice.
Spray Foam has long been used as the standard in the industry within walls and attics to improve energy efficiency in Large New Construction Homes, and, is now trending to smaller scale homes as well as in apartments and condominiums.
To convert an existing house to Spray Foam, it is important to understand how insulation works.
Traditional Insulation Differs from Spray Foam, Here’s How:
In homes with traditional insulation, the attics are vented and separate from the conditioned space allowing warm, humid air to enter the building envelope.
In homes and commercial buildings with Spray Foam insulation, the attic is treated as part of the living area and becomes a conditioned or a semi-conditioned space, sealed from outside air infiltration or intrusion.
To accomplish this the foam must extend down from the attic to the walls of the building, thus, combining the attic and living space to create one unit.
At Wentzel’s, we take pride in our work and in treating you right. We consider your long-term comfort, your health and your home’s value.
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