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Vertibreak™ rainscreen insulation is an exterior wall insulation panel system that provides both insulation and an air/drainage rainscreen cavity in one product, eliminating the need in many cases for the use of furring strips as your rainscreen cavity. 2’x4′ (610mm x 1220mm), 4’x4′, or 4’x8′ panels are recommended for application on above grade walls only.

Vertibreak™ provides a drainable, continuous insulation panel which not only contributes to the energy efficiency of the wall expected of an exterior insulation and to the durability of the wall system expected from a rainscreen cavity, but it also reduces thermal bridging through the studs, resulting in a superior thermal performance to the building envelope when compared to many traditional wall systems.

For stucco and lightweight thin veneer stone applications, Vertibreak 4, 6, and VC come with an exterior ‘sacrificial layer’ covering the front of the insulation in order to block stucco and mortar from filling the cavity.

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