Town of Swan River Council Meeting – November 7, 2017

Regular Meeting of Council of the Town of Swan River held on November 7, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at 439 Main Street in Swan River, Manitoba, Canada.

Present (from l to r): CAO Julie Fothergill, Councillor David Moriaux, Councillor Jason Delaurier, Councillor Lance Jacobson, Mayor Glen McKenzie, Councillor Duane Whyte, Councillor Phyl Friesen, Superintendent of Public Works Derek Poole

Absent: Councillor Jason Sakal

1. Call to order 00:00
2. Adoption of Agenda 00:04
3. Adoption of Minutes 00:17
4. Delegations and hearings
-4.1 Delegation: Jack Dyck, Donna Martin, Kim Kurliak, Warren Houle – SVETP and Work Crew program 00:30
-4.2 Delegation: Amanda Chartrand, Restorative Justice Week 14:48
-4.3 Delegation: Letter from Brent Parachoniak to be presented by Carl Robblee
-4.4 Delegation: Fall Leaves and Preventative Maintenance in Legion Park – Mary Snelgrove and Marjorie Coulthart
5. Correspondence
6. New Business
-6.1 Vac Truck Boiler replacement
-6.2 Aquatic Centre Building Envelope Assessment
7. Reports
-7.1 Superintendent of Works Report
-7.2 MARRC Eco Centre site visit report
-7.3 October 2017 Fire Department report
-7.4 Service Tracker report for March-October 2017
-7.5 Radar speed sign report for October 2017
-7.6 Handivan Report for October 2017
-7.7 Work Crew Supervisor report for October 2017
-7.8 Building Inspector Report
-7.9 Management Meeting Minutes
-7.10 Council Member and CAO reports
8. By-Laws
-8.1 By-Law No. 22/2017 to establish an equitable method for calculating frontage of corner and Irregularly shaped lots – 2nd reading
-8.2 By-Law No. 22/2017 – 3rd reading
9. Other resolutions
-9.1 to approve accounts
-9.2 to approve the 2017/18 Council Standing Committees and Other Appointments
-9.3 to adopt the Financial Statements to September 30th, 2017
-9.4 to approve sale of property
-9.5 to authorize signing of the Municipal Development and Service Agreement for Lot 1 Plan 54719 DLTO
-9.6 to receive the building permit applications
-9.7 to transfer used SCBAs and tanks proceeds to the Fire Fighting Equipment Reserve Fund
-9.8 Transfer from Machinery Replacement Reserve to General Operating Fund
-9.9 to receive resignation
-9.10 to approve sale of property
10. In Camera
11. Out of Camera
12. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Video produced by Jeremy R. Bergen

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