Tono Mirai Architects – Traditional & Climate responsive Future House

“Future House” by Tono Mirai Architect

(built in 2010)

Natural home in the 21 Century, architect Tono Mirai designed “Future House” a home that blends earth walls and traditional Japanese joinery with modern environment friendly design. Located in Miura, Kanagawa (1.5 hours South of Tokyo) this fusion home was built for a family of 5 with 3 small children.

The client wanted a healthy and natural home as an escape from his daily commute to Tokyo, but something modern. Mirai San designed this home oriented to the South, its earth floor and walls (of traditional Japanese mud plaster) act as insulator during the cold winter. Openings built into the envelope to allow cross ventilation.

The extensive loft acts as an insulator. Mirai calls it a “very natural way” to insulate, noting that the temperature difference between exterior and interior at the roof can be more than 10 degrees celsius.

With the photovoltaic panels and natural ventilation, the house don’t need AC. For heating they use a small wood stove

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