Tilt & Turn Window – The Cenergy 2700 Series by Centra

Introducing the Cenergy Tilt and Turn Window! This unique, modern design possesses European features, making it a fantastic option for custom built homes.

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Cenergy 2700 Tilt and Turn Windows offer the user more options than traditional windows. For ventilation, the window can tilt in without compromising security. The windows can also turn out a full 180° when opened fully.

Another unique feature of this product is the slim frame profile, offering a more commercial look, traditionally found in modern and custom buildings.

Tilt and Turn products allow for larger openings, and more glass (even floor to ceiling heights!) without compromising on structure and security. The frame features multiple strikes within, allowing for multiple engagement locking.

Cenergy Tilt and Turn windows offer you security and function, without compromising style and design!

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Cenergy Tilt and Turn Series Windows bring European styling to British Columbia Homes. The product features a sash that tilts in for secure ventilating, or turns in due to the unique dual action hardware. Multi-point locking systems ensure that security is of the upmost importance, and because of the dual action hardware, maintenance and cleaning is a breeze. One of the features of the product is that it can be made into large, customizable sizes, allowing you to capture that breathtaking view, or to bring your indoor living to the outside.

Centra Windows started as a small construction firm in 1984 has grown to become the number one window manufacturer, building envelope, energy retrofit, and restoration specialist in British Columbia, supplying and installing windows, doors and siding throughout the province. Our unique approach of keeping everything in-house –manufacturing, distribution and installation–results in consistently high quality products and your worry free renovation or new construction project, from start to finish and beyond.

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