The Envelope (Short Film- Drama)

“The Envelope” is a film that was made By Central Lakes College Videography during the 48 Hour Film Project which occurred on June 6th-June 8th. The teams had to draw a genre from a hat and had to have 3 required elements that had to be in their films, A Character- Trey or Tricia Sneaderman, A prop- a bell, and a line of dialogue- “I asked you not to do that”.

“The Envelope” is about a parole officer who had an affair with a girl named Kassandra, but she also has a boyfriend and they are not sure who the father is. The Parole officer gives the boyfriend an envelope with something inside. The Parole officer then leaves the building and a homeless man is ringing a bell asking for money. Trey then tells the homeless man to stop ringing the bell. Trey gets a phone call and talks to his manager while the boyfriend gives Kassandra the envelope of money as he tells her to get an abortion because they can’t afford a child and exits the building. He gives the homeless man some change and walks away. Kassandra gets a phone call from someone and is deciding whether to go through with an abortion or not. She then leaves the building and notices the homeless man. She sits down with the homeless man and talks about how she has always wanted a fairytale type of relationship. She decides that the homeless man needs the envelope more than she does. Kassandra goes back into the building as Trey the Parole Officer comes back and is still on the phone with his manager. He notices the homeless man has acquired the envelope from Kassandra. Trey gets furious and starts pushing the homeless man around and getting in a fight. The homeless man gets pushed down as he’s running away and gets hit by a van, driven by the boyfriend; who had been drinking while driving.

Rhiannon Kunesh- Kassandra
Chase Nelson- Boyfriend
Carson Berczyk- Trey Sneaderman-
Cody Roehl- Homeless Man

Production Crew:
Nick Weeks- Director
Kyle Yezek- Producer
Carson Berczyk- Writer/ Producer
Chase Nelson- Writer/Grip
Mitchell McCallson- Storyboard Artist
Kevin Miller- Director of Photography
Brandon Brown- Director of Photography
Austin Wensloff- Steadicam Operator
Mike Novak- Head Grip
Josh Hammer-Grip/ Location Manager
David Rossow- Chief Editor
Brent Balmer- Assistant Chief Editor
Taylor Finger- Graphic Designer

Music Soundtrack
Wax Seal- Carson Berczyk and Mike Novak
Bad News- Mike Novak
Confront- Carson Berczyk

*This film was made for the 48 hour film project*

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