The Building Envelope: Applications of New Technology Cladding | Ebook

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The Building Envelope: Applications of New Technology Cladding provides an introduction to the state of the art in cladding systems. The goal is to show a precedent, and thus imbue confidence in architects so that they can approach a manufacturer with a reasonable working knowledge of what is feasible. This book contains 33 case studies of buildings which incorporate newer forms of construction technology. The buildings discussed include the Bandstand at Haarlem, Holland; Benthem and Crouwel’s House at Almere, a town near Amsterdam, Holland; the Burrell Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland; Clarke Ascot House, Brisbane, Australia; the Conservatory at Kew, southwest London; and the Johnson and Johnson World Headquarters, New Brunswick, New Jersey. This book is intended to give at least some inspiration to designers wishing to improve their technical understanding of the newer building processes with which they are now involved and have the information available if they care to seek it.

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