Texas Tech Integrated Scholar Christian Pongratz

By melding his admirations of science, technology, and design, Professor Christian Pongratz has crafted an impressive career in architecture and accomplished much as a Texas Tech Integrated Scholar. Pongratz is based in Lubbock during the academic year, teaching and directing the college’s Master of Science Program in Digital Design and Fabrication (DDF). Extending learning opportunities to the summer months, he leads a study abroad program for architecture students, allowing them to travel to Verona, the stone-producing center of Italy, where Pongratz operates an architectural firm with his wife, Professor Maria Perbellini, chair of instruction in the College of Architecture. Pongratz’s work has focused largely on the building envelope, essentially a structure’s skin, which divides a building’s interior from the outdoors. He has conducted research into design computation and geometry, building materials and assembly, and construction assembly processes. Pongratz’s designs have been exhibited throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Born in Germany, Pongratz came to the US to pursue graduate studies in the field of architecture and eventually founded the DDF Program at Texas Tech.

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