TCIC Competition 2017 – Precision Contracting

National Corporate Office Project

The cutting-edge facility of the National Corporate Office Project features a three-story LEED Silver office complex with a four-story atrium centerpiece with a spectacular 270 degree view. The 4,300 m2 office building is located on a beautiful patch of green land within Brockville, ON, Canada. Sustainability was a big factor in the design and execution of the development, with the decision to achieve LEED Silver by the project team. The building itself was constructed using the finest grade materials that were sustainable sourced and installed from nearby vendors. The office space aims to promote a healthy lifestyle with open collaborative spaces and a fresh working environment. The building allows for as much natural light to penetrate the perimeter of the building as possible while also deflecting any surplus illumination with concrete panels, as the atrium demonstrates. The site features an abundance of vegetation and landscaped installations, including the large base and planter, as well as multiple walking paths and additional tree canopy.

Most of the fa├žade uses an assortment of curtain walls and metal and concrete panels. The strategic use of materials throughout the building allows for significant energy and cost reductions within our lifecycle cost analysis. The atrium creates an invitational feeling towards the building that overlooks a large and highly accessible parking lot. The building sits on a large exterior podium which features multiple stairs and accessibility ramps for ease of use for all persons. Our team used state-of-the-art technologies such as Revit 3D and Lumions 3D to accurately model and simulate the building envelope before a shovel ever hit the ground. Our project team used BIM technologies to monitor progress reports and maintain quality control throughout the project for building accuracy and consistency. In summation, the National Corporate Office Project proves to be a national hallmark for commercial office spaces and a prime example of a well-executed design.

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