SIP House Build

SIP Panels are one of the most versatile and capable building materials available today. They are used to create highly energy efficient houses; they can be used to create insulated roof panels, house, shelters, schools, clinics, and commercial structures.

SIP panels are typically made in a factory and shipped to the job site. However, IADDIC has developed tools and equipment to make SIP Panels on the job site. This ability means it is possible for smaller contractors to build their panels saving thousands of dollars, especially in shipping costs.

SIP Panels continue to lead the way in energy-efficient home construction and are used in LEED certified houses as well as Net Zero, and Passive House. These technologies lead the way in build envelope design and have contributed to a reduction in a building’s ecological footprint because they produce some of the highest insulated buildings possible.

Another great benefit of SIP Panels is the speed with which a structure can be assembled. Whole houses can have their entire building envelope constructed in a day or two. That is crucial to reducing construction costs and also reduces the wait time for the occupant.
SIP Panels have also been proven to be quite capable and have outperformed traditional buildings during several Florida hurricanes. So, while the rest of the homes in the area were destroyed, the SIPs houses remained standing.

You may be wondering how the cost of structural insulated panels stands up to traditional construction. Well today, they are a bit more expensive. But this high price is artificially high because; the manufactured have priced them as a high-value item, and the cost to ship the panels can be many thousands of dollars depending how far away from the factory the job site is.

To aid in determining house and shelter costs, IADDIC has developed an online calculator which can be found here

You can also learn more about the IADDIC SIP Panel Mold press and tools.

You may be wondering what kind of skill set is required to make the panels on the job site using the IADDIC Shelters equipment and tools. It is our experience that almost anyone can build almost anything. The skills to both build and install the panels are not overly difficult. The skill sets needed would equate to construction workers on the construction site today.

Another benefit besides considerable cost saving for the contractor is the ability to make panels as they are needed and can build new panels in the event am architect changes the plans or one gets damaged.

If you are not familiar with SIP Panels, they are nothing more than two sheets (one being the inside wall and the other being the outside wall) separated by a block of foam. These three items, when bonded together work to make incredibly strong panels.

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