Sharks – adaptive shading system for building envelopes

The architectural expression of the façade as well as its energetic behavior can be controlled through individually addressable modules. The tiling pattern of the modules is not confined to a predetermined size or geometry; the panels can be milled and bended in any possible variations. The complexity of the system is generated through its behavior rather than through non-standard components. Even with a simple tiling pattern many potential variations are possible. A suitable support for the envelope can utilize existing structure on the building, or an added structure, e.g. a frame and cable-net solution. The modules can be actuated all together, or in bands, or individually. The Sharks prototype is 3×1 m and contains 24 individually addressable modules.


INDEXLAB – Creativity & Technology
Pierpaolo Ruttico


Erica Gamba
Marco Sangiorgio
Davide Cucchi

Special Thanks

Paolo Lattuada
Cesare Barsottini
Gabriele Masera
Milan Dragoljevic
Mohamed Elagiry


ALUCOBOND® Silver Metallic

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