Raphael Toledano on How NYC Apartments Are Going Green

In a recent interview about how NYC apartments are going green, Raphael Toledano of Brookhill Properties had the following to say:

“The color on everyone’s mind these days is green, so it should be no surprise that New York apartments are becoming more sustainable. It makes good ethical and economic sense to support strategies that save energy, and both building developers and real estate buyers can make changes that have positive effects on the environment.

“Nearly all research points to multi-family housing as the most sustainable living option ― which is excellent news for New Yorkers. However, certain construction choices make apartment buildings even more eco-friendly. The greenest possible feature of any structure is a tight envelope, which efficiently seals the inside from the outside, reducing wasted energy on heating and cooling.
Properly placing windows to maximize daylight and minimize heat is also important. Builders might also opt to use recycled or all-natural building materials, which both reduce waste and contribute to a more healthful place to live.

“Owners and renters can also make lifestyle changes to greenify their apartments. Resealing windows, doors, and walls will help tighten any building’s envelope and lower tenants’ energy bills, and using less energy-hungry heating and cooling options, like electric blankets or standing fans, is better for the environment. Tenants can also temporarily replace existing lighting and plumbing fixtures with low-energy, low-flow alternatives to cut waste.

“For more information on eco-friendly multi-family buildings in Manhattan’s East Village, contact Raphael Toledano (http://raphaeltoledano.org) or Brookhill Properties http://raphaeltoledano.org/brookhill-properties/).”

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