Quality Function Deployment for Buildable and Sustainable Construction | Ebook

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This book focuses on the implementation of Quality Functiondeployment (qfd) in the construction industry as a tool to help buildingdesigners arrive at optimal decisions for external envelope systems withsustainable and buildable design goals. In particular, the book integratesspecial features into the conventional Qfd tool to enhance its performance.these features include a fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making method, fuzzyconsensus scheme, and Knowledge Management System (kms). This integrationresults in a more robust decision support tool, known as the Knowledge-baseddecision Support System Qfd (kbdss-qfd) tool. As an example, the Kbdss-qfd toolis used for the assessment of building envelope materials and designs for high-riseresidential buildings in Singapore in the early design stage. The book providesthe reader with a conceptual framework for understanding the development of thekbdss-qfd tool. The framework is presented in a generalized form in order tobenefit building professionals, decision makers, analysts, academics andresearchers, who can use the findings as guiding principles to achieve optimalsolutions and boost efficiency.

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