QUALICHeCK Webinar 2016 09 16 Certification Schemes 5 Horia Petran

Certification schemes for installers

Friday 16 September 2016, 10:00 a.m. Brussels time (CET)

The trend towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB) implies the correct execution of classical building works, in line with the NZEB principles of good workmanship, and the use of advanced technologies requiring specific skills of the workforce. Several countries are developing or have already ongoing training and certification schemes for the workforce in place.

This QUALICHeCK webinar will present national examples of how to train and certify installers in Austria, Cyprus and Romania including the market acceptance, the lessons learned and the costs.

▪ Hans Erhorn / Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, Germany | Introduction to QUALICHeCK, quality of the works and certification of installers
▪ Susanne Geissler / OEGNB, Austria | Training and certification schemes for installers in Austria
▪ Questions and Answers #1
▪ Anthi Charalambous / Cyprus Energy Agency, Cyprus | WE-Qualify: Improving the Cypriot workforce skills
▪ Horia Petran / URBAN-INCERC National Institute for Research & Development in Construction, Romania | BUILD UP Skills QualiShell – Qualification scheme for insulating building envelope installers
▪ Questions and Answers #2

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