Pushing the Envelope: Impacts of Enclosure Commissioning on Your Projects

Speaker(s): Nastassja Pearson, Andrea Yee
Category(s): Construction, Design
Credits: BOMI: 1

Commissioning and re-commissioning building mechanical systems is common practice to ensure the expected system performance is maintained. It is understood that it is a necessary step to optimize building performance and efficiency. However, equal consideration is often not given to the building envelope – a component which also significantly impacts building performance and efficiency. As a result, design and construction teams may not be confirming that the specified design or performance requirements are met. LEED v4, now implemented in Canada, recognizes the importance of enclosure commissioning to deliver high-performing building envelopes. This session will cover: What are the current challenges in building enclosure design? What is enclosure commissioning? What are the benefits to enclosure commissioning? What is the true cost of enclosure commissioning?

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