Pure House: Energy Efficiency in the Most Luxurious Way

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“There’s no reason to build houses to the low benchmarks of 20, 30 or 50 years ago,” said Douglas Mcdonald of Pure House.
He’s the man behind the self-efficient house, bringing a new meaning to luxury living.
“My name is Douglas Mcdonald and I started the Pure House,” he said. “Pure House is an incredible idea where we are taking world-class performance. We use Passive House international building codes and we inside of it – pure, natural ingredients,” he said.
Here’s a view of the construction of the country’s first Pure House; and guess what: It’s in Westport.
“Here at the Pure House, we use high-performing principles. One of them is you want to have continuous insulation. Even as far down what is happening underground. And, if you look on our wall you can see the continuous insulation going all around the structure,” he said.
Plus a Pure House is always built facing the sun. The insulation combined with the sun’s natural warmth means the house doesn’t have to rely upon additional heating components, like oil.
“So, here’s what’s amazing. The house sits proud on the land, it will have a well, it will have water that comes from the town. It will have even a gray water system. And, on the back of this structure, we are putting high-performance, 25 feet of glass. So, even in the dead of winter time, you can sit in the sun,” he said.
The idea for this house stems from Europe, where a similiar type of construction, known as Passive House, is growing in popularity.
“So, when I was reading the white pages I came across a new building style. It just seemed so profound and it just seemed like the thing that I had to do,” he said.
Mcdonald then came here to Westport, where he transformed this house into his brainchild.
“What we do is use Passive House to create the world’s best building envelope. I went even further and filled the house with only natural materials. For example, in a normal construction environment you use sheetrock and plastic rock inside that has chemicals that are not necessarily good for you,” said Mcdonald.
Now, unlike Passive House, Pure House gives the home buyer options, letting the buyer choose to what level he or she wants to be energy efficient. Plus, Pure House is all about that comfort – from its windows to its doors.
“So, in the Pure House, we use high performance windows and doors. And, how they are different from regular windows is in its use. So, for example, you can take the handle and open it 180 degrees, and it will open like a window. Or, you can take the handle and open it 90 degrees, and it will open like a door,” he said.
“What’s interesting is building codes around America are obviously getting more strict and they are starting to take into account energy codes. So, we are building structure to the best industry code in the world,” continued Mcdonald.
This house will go for .8 million and Mcdonald tells me he already has a list of buyers.

Produced By: Diana Blass

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