Project: Ahrenshoop Museum of Art, Ahrenshoop – 2015

Ahrenshoop Museum of Art, Ahrenshoop – Award of Merit 2015 IALD Lighting Design Awards

At the seaside resort and artist’s town of Ahrenshoop on Mecklenburg Bay, the Art Museum Ahrenshoop opened in August 2013. At the core of the building arrangement is the pictorial perception of the thatched roof houses adjacent to the museum. Grouped around a central lobby is an ensemble of five one-room exhibition spaces. Each space is fitted with longitudinal horizontal daylight openings. In order to generate a spatial light distribution perceived as mostly shadow free, prisms were integrated in the skylight construction. Thermally insulated metal panels are the façade cladding of choice. Irregularly chambered bronze panels create a vivacious building envelope. Three closely adjacent LED downlights create high illuminance at the entrance, supporting the building’s exterior impression and forecourt illumination. The interplay of these components guides the visitor towards the museum entrance, making the building glow from within. Artificial illumination in the galleries was designed to bring light through the same apertures as the daylight itself. Light profiles have been mounted at the openings’ aprons. These light profiles emit their light into the space in an omnidirectional fashion. Controls can activate either one or two lamps per luminaire, and dimming allows illuminance levels to be adjusted between 50 and 250 lux. For accentuated illumination, a 3-phase track is installed below the lighting profile, allowing for an adaptation of projectors with LED lamps. The lobby is predominantly illuminated by downlight wall washers highlighting the wall surfaces. Through the emphasis of walls, the spatial confines are made visible, creating an agreeable room experience. Shelves are appropriately illuminated by concealed, furniture-integrated luminous strip profiles. “The beauty of this lighting design was in its elegant simplicity,” one judge praised. “It was completely transparent to the visitor and took nothing away from the architecture. It is sophisticated in its technical solution and elegant in its design result.”

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