Pro Perspective #7, WRB Weather Resistant Barrier coating

Please see below this weeks series of Pro Perspective, another short educational video discussing issues that building contractors are constantly challenged with, concerning building code.

As per the latest NYS Energy Code requirements there is a cap on any leakage from a building envelope to 3 air exchanges per minute only then will the building pass the now required door blower energy testing.

This week we have Joel in an interview with representatives of Drip Drop waterproofing company who are leaders in the industry for underground foundation waterproofing, Live at the OJBA 2017 Catskill Event, discussing the latest add on to their line of services, the WRB Weather Resistant Barrier that is being applied to the exterior of the building before installing the siding, this product will help you pass energy testing among other benefits.

To see the video with the above info and much more, click the link below and enjoy!

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Pro Perspective explained.
The OJBA is proud of its new launch of Pro Perspective. This email series will be introduced by Joel Kohn in the form of a weekly educational video and explanation. Do you have a question for a fellow tradesman? Want to share a story of a recent construction challenge? If you feel you have a question or story which may be a learning curve to other business owners and construction teams, or any code related question please submit your email to

Who is Joel Kohn?
Joel is a NYS certified Building Code official and owner of JK Expediting Services. With offices stationed in Monticello, NY, his team serves the surrounding municipalities and assists property owners and developers throughout the planning and expediting phases.

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