Portugal Pilot Building

Portugal Pilot Building is a social housing constructed in 1997 and located in Vila Nova de Gaia, near Porto. Building has 3 floors and 18 apartaments. Owned by the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia and managed by Gaiurb, a municipal company.

The structure of building includes a non-used small attic space and a cellar, used for storage. Representative about 41% of all the multifamily buildings in Portugal. There is no central heating system. Some apartments have portable electric heaters.

The building has a portico structure of steel reinforced concrete. Building envelope is composed by double bricks walls (15cm+11 cm) with an air gap between the two layers and no thermal insulation. Slabs are voided with 25 cm thickness total and the pitched roof is covered with ceramic roofing tile without insulation. Windows are consisted of aluminium frames and double glazing. All windows have retractable white PVC blinds. Internally, apartment spaces are divided with 11 cm brick walls and interior space has 2,5m height.

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