Polyguard TERM Sustainable Pest Exclusion – Overview Whiteboard

Polyguard Products, Barrier Products Division

The Polyguard Particle Barrier is an insect exclusion product and is easy to install. Used around the perimeter of the building, it can significantly reduce the quantity of termiticides needed to protect the structure. Polyguard has registered our barrier products with the EPA, who along with state agencies regulates pesticides. However, Polyguard’s barriers are classified by the EPA as “devices”, since they contain no toxic components. Termites trying to get into a structure are unable to penetrate the Polyguard Particle Barrier. Also important, in the case of the Reticuletermes flavipes species, is that the insects are unable to get out of a structure which they previously penetrated. In the majority of infested structures, there is not sufficient moisture in the building for Reticuletermes flavipes, so they have to come out to obtain moisture.

TERM Sealant Barrier is a sealant barrier, applied with a caulking gun or smoothing tool, and used for both waterproofing and insect
exclusion . TERM Sealant Barrier is a component of the non-structural TERM Barrier System which, when properly constructed as part of the building envelope, acts as a barrier to almost all pests. Because almost all pests are excluded for the life of the structure, the need for pesticide treatment should be permanently and drastically reduced.

TERM Termite Bath Trap and TERM All Pest Bath Trap Barrier uses TERM Particle Barrier to permanently block termites. Add a stainless steel mesh barrier which is sealed to the concrete slab with TERM Flashing Barrier and with TERM Sealant Barrier. The All Pest Bath Trap Barrier blocks everything, including fire ants and rodents.

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