Passive House principles & CLT home in Australia

EcoEvo Designs, CLT Passive House principles home. Efficiency Matrix covers the features of a home built by APHI Projects. We cover the building envelope features, conduct some thermal imaging verification and blower door testing on the home, in order to help people understand what it means to have a high performing building envelope.

Home Build = Aphi Projects

CLT = PassivHaus Australia

Ventilation = HRV – Zehnder ComfoAir Q450 TR with integrated Daikin FDXS35 Bulkhead split unit:

Underfloor insulation = MaxRaft fully insulated EPS/XPS slab system:

Wall & Roof insulation = Gutex timber Fibre insulation, single layer 120mm thick to walls, double layer 100mm & 80mm thick to roof:

Cooktop = Bora Basic induction cooktop with inbuilt air extraction:

Windows = Fauser Fensterbau:

Blower Door Testing = Efficiency Matrix

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