MonsterTiling is a system of intelligent components for architectural skins. They have been developed in

order to enhance passive behaviour on external layer of the building envelope. Each component is

specialized for different and unique performances. Insulation, thermal mass, shading, solar radiation, natual


Four kind of components have been designed and 6 prototypes of each have been 3d printed with a robotic

arm by the students of the Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design of IED Torino. Each

component has a dimension of 25x10x25(h)cm, and they stand together over a woodens backframe to

create a surface of 200×200(h)cm.

The passive architectural behaviour is empowered by an active system of artificial intelligence equipped with

environmental sensors that trigger authomatic actuators to ameliorate the overall performance of the

components. These equipments collect the environmental data registered during their activity in an open

web database that can be used to map and optimize the system.


Shadi Abousamra, Gaetano Di Fede, Beatrice Feneri, Davide Iannici, Filippo Laplaca, Maria Lucia Raiola,

Giulia Roccasalva, Daria Taeb

Teaching staff

Cesare Griffa (coordinatore), Andrea Graziano, Marco Palma, Bruno De Masi, Giacomo Leonzi


Officine Innesto Torino, FabLab Torino


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