Model Functions and Material Exploration – Thesis Project Spring 2014

This video is part of my thesis presentation from Spring 2014 at Southern Polytechnic State University. The thesis project, titled “Active|Reactive: An Interactive Building Skin,” argues for a building envelope that is thoroughly reactive to not only its environment, but its user as well. The skin system arose from a series of models developed to showcase different functions.

The video features two segments:

Model Functions
The first segment of the video shows a series of short clips. Each model from the series has been filmed performing its specific function, and these clips have been arranged by the main function of the models; expand, fold, rotate, react, reuse, and collect.

Material Exploration
The material exploration segment of the video shows how the superabsorbant polymers used in the skin system function under different circumstances. These include a time lapse video of the water beads expanding, a pressure test, and the effects of sunlight on the materials.

The thesis project was awarded Second Place in the Southern Polytechnic State University Architecture Program Thesis Competition.

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