MiniArt T-55 w/interior – Best Cold War 35th Scale Kit?

You can get this kit here:

Introduction – 0:07
Instructions – 2:32
Envelope 1 – 7:17
Envelope 2 – 12:58
Envelope 3 – 18:01
Clear Parts & Photo-Etch – 21:47
Decals & Different Variants – 23:25
Conclusion – 29:03

Unboxing the T-55 from MiniArt on 35th scale gave me no surprises. This is one amazing kit and I believe that it is one of the best kits in the armor arena ever built. Is this the best 35th scale Cold War kit ever? Probably yes. With a few words to add to that.
The kit is not suitable for beginners and will give grief even to experienced modelers. It is complex, featuring complete interior, intricate suspension, track links and a lot of ammo shells stored inside.That requires a lot of preliminary work on painting and weathering and unfortunately, if you do not leave it partially un-assembled you won’t see most of the stuff once the tank is closed.
If MiniArt managed to simplify it a bit, make it more user-friendly, I would’ve rate that the best 35th scale tank ever. However it is challenging and that will make it suitable only for limited amount of modelers out there. If that fact is put aside, this is the most interesting and intriguing tank in 35th scale made so far.
It features a subject that is probably the most popular tank in history, built in tens of thousands and used all around the World in whatever climate and wearing whatever camouflage you might think of.
The fact that MiniArt added a full interior makes this kit so versatile as a modeling subject, that it can be compared with some of the new companies’ whole lines of kits and still will beat them as options. And that comes from a single kit.
The T-55 is amazing, the interior is scary but beautiful and there is no better T-series scale model on the market so far. Great release from MiniArt!

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