Mega ports and loading docks – Transport house

Loading docks may be exterior, flush with the building envelope, or fully enclosed. They are part of a facility’s service or utility infrastructure, typically providing direct access to staging areas, storage rooms, and freight elevators
There can be very serious accidents on loading bays. One example is trailer creep (also known as trailer walk, or dock walk), which occurs when the lateral and vertical forces exerted each time a forklift truck enters and exits the trailer cause the trailer to slowly move away from the dock, resulting in separation from the dock leveler. Factors that affect trailer creep are the weight and speed of the lift truck and load, the gradient of the ground the trailer is parked on, the condition of the suspension, tire air pressures, the type of transition being used (dock levelers, dock boards), and whether the trailer has been disconnected or if it is still connected to the tractor.

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