M4L : Build a MIDI Synth in 1 minute Pt 2 : ADSR~ envelope : Learning Max for Ableton live tutorial

Second Part of our “one minute max” tutorials. Today we add an ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release” envelope to our mono-synth. This allows you to control the basic timing of the sound. Short attack and long decay/release for a bell like tone, full sustain and no release for a flute/organ like tone, etc.

I was able to get the bulk of the work done in under a minute, but I took a some extra time to explain things and label our new synths parameters. I don’t want to short-change anyone!

Note that the first argument of the ADSR~ object is the trigger, and it preserves the velocity sensitivity “feature” we have going! The envelope varies from 0.0 to 1.0 so multiplying it against our signal is what gives our sound “shape”.

Subscribe and tune in 2 days or so, we’ll be adding a basic filter and eventually be adding polyphony! And of course useful dubstep and DNB effects!

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