The project is to design a large contemporary multi-generational luxury family home on a vacant 2-acre Australian bush block in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, that incorporates rustic and traditional Australian elements. This home should be designed to highlight and benefit from the beautiful North East views across the neighboring wineries large pond, and the surrounding native Australian bush vegetation as much as possible, whilst also making practical and good use of the natural slope of the block. The home shall fit comfortably within the approved 582m2 building envelope. The design shall endeavor to make the living areas feel like part of a private and secluded home that is set amongst nature, through maximizing the views of the main living areas, and master bedrooms, to the North and East, whilst minimizing outlooks from living areas that may be orientated towards the neighbouring house to the South East. All designs should incorporate a swimming pool, and a true sense of indoor/outdoor living. Designs should have a timeless appeal, evoke a luxury country retreat feel, harness an abundance of natural light through an extremely generous use of glass, and allow for relaxed living and entertainment.
The home shall be multi-generational, catering to the needs of our immediate family of 2 adults and 3 children, whilst also providing comfortable long-term accommodation in the future for our parents or in-laws, whether abled bodied or wheelchair bound. The in-law suite shall be both easily accessible, and easy to isolate from the main part of the house, with its own external access, allowing for independent living, or potential short-term rental income. The home shall be designed to be equally suitable for families of either young children or teens, and the in-law suite shall be equally inviting for visiting guests from interstate and overseas.
The restrictive building envelope, and the slope of the land will likely require the house to be multi-level, and we have been speculating that potentially it may have the garage and the in-law suite on a partially excavated basement level, whilst the main living could be at the ground level, with the bedrooms and an additional living space on an additional upper level. All levels should be accessible by both an elevator and stairs, allowing for easy access for a potentially wheelchair bound resident or guest. The elevator should be included in the design, however it should be noted that it may be possible due to budget constraints that initially only the elevator shaft may be built, and the elevator mechanism and car will be added in the future should the need arise.

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