Leaky Buildings Explained and Prevention Methods

– now that well into rainy season, homeowners could have the unfortunate experience of water ingress.
– no structure is immune from water damage even single family or concrete high rise buildings could leak.
– damage from water ingress is still the most significant factor in premature deterioration buildings
– the building envelope not only protects the people inside from the elements, it also acts like a building’s skin, protecting the structure as well.
– How do builders manage moisture?
– 2 ways – #1 one prevent it from getting in by sealing the cladding (cladding brick/siding the outside of a bldg) #2 control it with a rainscreen
– a rainscreen is a special type of exterior wall assembly that provides for a path for water to escape when water gets behind the cladding.
– Whether a rainscreen or not here are some basic maintenance tasks to prevent moisture damage: 1) replace caulking, 2) keep gutters clean, 3) survey home for signs of leakage 4) repaint exterior 5) replace roofs every 20 – 25 years 6) clean dryer vents to prevent interior moisture damage

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