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,The Florida Building Code IBC 2003 FBC Base Code
FBC 2004 Edition (current edition) Florida Code with Florida specifics Supplement 2005
Supplement 2006 Code in transition IBC 2006 FBC 2007 New FBC Code effective date Oct. 2008 ,FBC Accessibility Code 2003 IBC Base Code (minus Accessibility Chapter 11)
2004 FBC (include 1997 DOJ certified Accessibility Code Chapter 11) Building Volume, Chap 11,Editorial Changes (Supplements 05 &06) Plumbing Volume, Chap. 4, Editorial Changes
Existing Volume, Accessibility Incorporated Residential Volume, Accessibility Incorporated Note: Florida Law 553.501-553.513 (Changes 553.5041 Parking) ,Accessibility CodeAdministrative Rule 9B-7FL 553.501-553.513 553.501Title 553.502Intent 553.503Adoption of Guidelines 553.504Exceptions to Guidelines 553.5041Parking 553.505Exceptions to the ADA 553.506Powers of the Commission 553.507Exemptions 553.508Architectural Barrier Removal 553.509Vertical Accessibility 553.510vacant 553.511Parking Facilities 553.512Waivers; Advisory Council 553.513Enforcement
,Vertical AccessibilityCh 553.509 F.S. All Levels Above and Below Occupiable Grade, Fl.Law
Elevators (includes “LULAS”) Platform Lifts Code compliance or apply for waiver to Fl. Specific issues. Exceptions to compliance Lube Pits
Mechanical Rooms Projection Booths Certain Storage Unoccupiable Spaces Non-Public & Occupiable with 5 persons or less ,The Harmonized Accessibility CodeIncludes following Codes & Standards, Guidelines: FBC Certified Accessibility Code-1997 DOJ
ADAAG- Current Federal Guidelines -Base Code ANSI, A-117.1-1986 – Detectable Warnings ASME A-17.1 Elevators Standards DOE- Educational Guidelines for Children Fair Housing -Accessibility Guidelines FDOT- Standards for Public Spaces UFAS – Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards 2004 Access Boards Guidelines, not law ,Q & A ???
,Florida Building & Product ApprovalLaws and Rules Florida Statutes: Section 553.73 Florida Building Code Section 553.74 Florida Building Commission Section 553.842 Product Evaluation & Approval Section 553.8425 Local Product Approval Florida Administrative Code (F. A. C.) Rule 9B-72 Product Approval 9
,LOCAL PRODUCT APPROVAL Laws and Rules is governed by Law 553.8425 F.S. is administered through the local (town, city or county) building official/department The Florida Building Commission has no authority to establish rules with regard to product approval at the local level 10
,LOCAL PRODUCT APPROVAL Laws and Rules 553.8425 F.S. 553.8425  Local product approval.– (1)  For local product approval, products or systems of construction shall demonstrate compliance with the structural windload requirements of the Florida Building Code through one of the following methods:
,Laws and Rules Overview of Local Product Approval (S. 19) Acertification mark, listing, or labelfrom a commission-approved certification agency indicting that the product complies with the Code.
(b) Atest reportfrom a commission-approved testing lab indicating that the product tested complies with the Code. 12
,Laws and Rules Overview of Local Product Approval (S. 19) (c) A product-evaluation report from a commission-approved product evaluation entity indicating that the product complies with the Code. (d) A product-evaluation reportfrom a Florida professional engineer or Florida registered architect indicting that the product complies with the Code. (e) Astatewide product approvalissued by the Florida Building Commission. 13
,STATE PRODUCT APPROVAL Laws and Rules RULE 9B-72 F.A.C. is governed by Law RULE 9B-72 F.A.C. is administered through the Florida Building Commission. This rule applies to approval of products and systems which comprise the building envelope and structural frame, for compliance with the structural requirements of the Florida Building Code 14
,RULE 9B-72 F.A.C. Laws and Rules SCOPE (1

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