ISOVER VARIO Airtightness System

Learn about the VARIO Airtightness system by ISOVER, which effectively protects all buildings from moisture.

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What’s the use of having the best insulation in the building envelope, if it is not effectively protected from moisture? ISOVER Vario Airtightness and Moisture range can be installed easily and effectively. You can watch this video to learn how to install this vapour membrane system to effectively protect your home from moisture, drought and wood preservatives from outside. Thanks to vario, the water vapour can escape inwards through the smart adaptive membrane, to ensure that the building structure can safely dry out.

Due to its easy application, the VARIO Airtight system is also manageable for ‘Do-It-Yourselfers’ who would like to convert the attic in order to achieve better comfort and lower energy bills.

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