Intro-Learn how to design an organic shaped building envelope

Introduction – Setting up our scene 03min 57seg
Introduction – Importing our picture frames 09min 50seg
2D interior – Ground floor 13min 29seg
2D interior – 1st floor 14min 53seg
2D interior – 2nd floor 13min 43seg
2D interior – Moving the lines to the right heights 06min 14seg
3D interior – Ground floor 05min 36seg
3D interior – 1st and 2nd floor 08min 19seg
3D interior – Stairs and ramps pt1 10min 12seg
3D interior – Stairs and ramps pt2 13min 58seg
3D exterior – Section curves 10min 44seg
3D exterior – Reference curves 10min 45seg
3D exterior – T-spline geometry explained 04min 40seg
3D exterior – Facade pt1 11min 09seg
3D exterior – Facade pt2 10min 52seg
3D exterior – Facade pt3 09min 21seg
3D exterior – Facade pt4 21min 01seg
3D exterior – Facade pt5 13min 23seg
3D exterior – Finishing touches 10min 35seg

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