Interactive Guide to the 2012 IBC – Demo

First-to-market, this companion document was developed to help architects, interior designers, contractors, jurisdictions and other members of the design team successfully apply the provisions of the 2012 International Building Code and avoid costly and time consuming redesign.

This on-screen guide makes an unprecedented effort to illustrate key code concepts and organize the most broadly applicable requirements of the code in a way that mirrors the design process. Using this product’s comprehensive approach to applying the building code at the early stages of design can help minimize instances of noncompliance.

The guide is divided into seven checklists:

Building Size
Building Envelope
Building Organization
Design Occupant Load
Egress Components
These checklists allow the code user to engage a list of code compliance questions with single-click access to explanatory illustrated pages that discuss the code requirement, list code sections for reference, provide helpful ideas and caveats, and supply links to further explanatory material available online from the code publisher. The guide’s 256 illustrated pages also contain links to other throughout the guide. Order today at

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