InfusionPool Products – How Our V-Fittings Work

Pool Energy Audits focus on Venturi Jets to increase turnover:

FPSIE study recognizes Venturi Return Jets (V-Fittings) for Energy Efficiency:

Industry experts discuss return inlet placement for optimal circulation (V-Fittings direct return water to the floor of the pool):

Infusion V-Fittings honored first in Pool & Spa News Top 50 Products for 2012:

Florida Swimming Pool Association announces V-Fittings voted Best Product 2012 Orlando Pool & Spa Show; continued on page 14:

Review Product Line and Benefits on Our Website:

Enhance Circulation Creating an Easier to Service Water Quality!
V-Fittings deep heat, while drastically enhancing circulation and improving turnover, by drawing warmer surface water through strategically placed louvers thrusting it to the floor of the pool. Venturi enhanced circulation disrupts sediment from side walls and floor of pool increasing effectiveness of chemicals and swimming pool filters. V-Fittings’ have no moving parts and simply attach to existing wall return line inlets worldwide. Pool and Spa News Top 50 Products Winner 2012 and Voted #1 New Product by Industry Professionals at the Orlando Pool and Spa Show; see press release on Infusion Pool website.

Complements Variable and Single Speed Pump Energy Efficiency Regulations Nationwide. Improves Solar Cover Performance!
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