how to use Revit interface

Data exchange between Revit and SchüCal

Schüco Revit Interface plugin allows Revit users to exchange data of windows, doors and façades with Schüco metal fabricators who use the SchüCal Architect Interface.

Two workflows are provided:
Import specific element families prepared by your Schüco metal
fabricator into any Revit building model. Place them manually according to your concept.
Export with Revit default generic window, door or façade elements, send them to local Schüco metal fabricator and reimport their elaborated project specific elements into building model.
A special feature is the Revit model upload to the Schüco cloud. This provides the metal fabricator an insight into the building model. Additionally it is possible to assign window, door or façade elements to the building envelope.

Please note: Architects can use the Schüco element families provided on without installing Schüco Revit Interface plugin. This plugin provides additional functionality to interact with a Schüco metal fabricator.

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