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Hi, this is Rodney Sims, owner of Real Estate Inspection Specialist. I would like to share a video that I took at a house which had no Door Pan Flashings under any of the external doors. This video was taken under a house with a Pier-and-Beam foundation (wood on concrete blocks). I would like to make two primary points about this video.

First, this video clearly illustrates the importance of properly installed Door Pan Flashings on ‘all’ homes, to prevent water intrusion from the exterior. Even a large number of ‘new’ homes’ do not have Door Pan Flashings in spite of the very clear Building Code Requirement. CODE REQUIREMENT: IRC R703.8 (Exterior Flashing) Approved corrosion-resistive flashing shall be provided in the exterior wall envelope in such a manner as to prevent entry of water into the wall cavity or penetration of water to the building structural framing components.

Without proper ‘flashings’ on the exterior building envelope (including Door Pan Flashings) there is a possibility of water intrusion into the structure. This is especially critical on 2-3 floor homes and town homes, especially those with Stucco Exteriors. If water enters the structure at the 2nd or 3rd floor, especially at a door sill, it is ‘very likely’ that it will travel downward ‘through’ the inside of the wall and may go completely undetected for ‘years’. Damage from this type of common oversight can cost anywhere from ,000 to as much as ,000 on a 3 floor Stucco Exterior structure. (All due to the absence of a Door Pan Flashing which could have cost as little as with almost no additional labor at the time of original construction.)

My Second Point, as usual is how very important it is to get a ‘quality’ Third Party Inspection on pre-owned homes as well as new homes. As mentioned previously, on a regular basis I find ‘new homes’ with exterior doors on balconies which have ‘no’ Door Pan Flashings. Water intrusion and damage may go undetected for several years until ‘long after’ your builders 1-year warranty has expired. Your builders response may likely be, “Well, you could have obtained your own third party inspection, but you chose not to”, leaving you stuck with the repair costs.

As mentioned earlier, in this video I am underneath a Pier-and-Beam house. However, the exact same situation applies to ‘all houses’, especially those with second and third floor exterior doors.

NOTE: Please Excuse the slightly Shaky Video. I took the video with my I-Phone in a very cramped space…..

Please, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get a ‘Quality’ Third Party Inspection. When you are ready to have an inspection performed on your home, GIVE ME A CALL and I will GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION.

Rodney (Real Estate Inspection Specialist)

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