Heat Transfer Cycle – Double Leaf Cavity Wall ClayBrick (HD)

This video shows the Heat Transfer cycle of a clay brick double leaf cavity wall.

An energy efficient home achieves comfortable temperatures without mechanical heating and cooling. To achieve this objective, one begins by understanding the local climatic conditions in which the house is to reside and the fundamentals of how your choice of building materials will perform.

Substantive comparative research into the contribution of different walling materials to the thermal performance of a house has defined the “necessity” of having thermal mass, as provided by Clay Bricks in the building envelope, to achieve “optimal” thermal efficiency.

For the latest research on energy efficiency, and information on the properties of clay brick in terms of energy efficiency in your home, please see our website www.claybrick.org.

As part of its vision, to develop and grow awareness, knowledge and support of clay masonry, the Clay Brick Association of South Africa acts as an intermediary between the clay brick-makers, the private sector, as well as the government and other professional bodies representing the housing, building and construction sectors.

A commitment to sustainable development and environmental rehabilitation has become a priority for clay brick manufacturers.

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