Etabs 2015 Tutorial 3 – Assigning seismic loads and Load combinations

Etabs 2015 tutorial 3 deals with the assigning of seismic loads and defining load combinations.The topics discussed are listed below:

(1) Assigning Seismic loads 0:24

(2) Defining mass source 4:31

(3) Defining load combinations 6:12

(4) Defining envelope combination 8:55

In assigning seismic loads,tutorial explains about defining seismic loads or base shear along both directions of the building and also defining the lateral load by selecting the desired international code in Etabs 2015.It is followed by mass source definition were the desired load pattern to take part in seismic analysis is defined.

Under load combinations,tutorial explains how to define a load combination in Etabs 2015 and also how to define a combination
as envelope to obtain maximum and minimum results from the selected combinations.

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