Estonian pilot building final results

The Estonian pilot project is typical soviet five storey multi apartment building apartment built in 1986. Pilot building is constructed by prefabricated concrete large panel elements. There are 80 apartments with total heated area of 3306 m². Construction date is 1986.
Prefabricated panels’ mounting at the building site took about 30 days including joints sealing. In total 152 panels with total area 2469 m2 for external walls and 59 pcs with total area about 874 m2 for roof were produced and installed in May-June 2017.
Special sealing tapes were used to insure air-tightness of external building envelope, both – on the inner side of module panels (joists of air tightening layer) and outer side of module panels (joists of wind barrier layer)
All construction works were finished in October 2017, while renovation works including demolition of old structures, digging works in the cellar and around foundation, preparations for insulation modules install was started at February 2017.

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