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This weekend is cash stuffing time. Every pay peiod my wife and I get together on a saturday and stuff our envelopes with cash. We have been doing this since jan 2017. This whole thing got started when I reread “the total money makeover” by Dave Ramsey. I decided to give it a shot. For those of you that know me I hate budgeting!!! So this alone is a miracle for me. I always hated the idea of not knowing where my money went. 99% of the time my wife did all the budgeting. Now she let’s me think I’m in charge of budgeting lol.

Envelope budgeting has been around for a long time. Heck your grandmother probably did it. Dave Ramsey perfected the envelope budgeting system. Some people call this zero based budgeting. They both are the same. The whole idea behind envelope budgeting is so you can tell your money where to go because money has a mind of it’s own and it wants to go whereever it pleases.

So this video is an update. We are going to Mexico in two weeks so we are planning where every penny goes. For this pay period we are backing off some envelopes and then continuing to stuff them come june 1st. Starting in June I am saving up for a truck. So our vacation envelope will be split in half. Instead just vacation it will be vacation and truck. I plan on buying a truck in the new year. Time is flying.

We also will begin building our emergency fund back up to ,000 so we never have to touch our savings.

If you haven’t started envelope budgeting don’t panic. There are other ways to save. I just really enjoy carrying cash on me. And I enjoy telling money where to go instead of the other way around.

I cannot tell you how to use the cash envelope budgeting system but I can show ou what we do.

I don’t agree with everything Dave Ramseys says but he sure have a lot of knowledge. Dave Ramsey has inspired me to do the envelope budgeting system.

So this is my May stuffing envelope video. We stuff cash every two weeks usually on a saturday.

Dave Ramsey always says to start with baby steps. For us a huge baby step was simply to create 12 envelopes and start from there. I am sure there are other ways to save money. I encourage you to try something. If you live like no one else you can later live like no one else.


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