Entuitive – Restoration

Restoring a building or component is part science, part art — and we have the expertise to carry out projects that are successful aesthetically and structurally sound.

Our restoration team can assess deterioration, predict future damage and develop remedial repair solutions to extend the life of the building element, ensure safety and improve aesthetics.

Our work covers building envelope systems, which includes cladding systems, windows, roofing and waterproofing structures, as well as restoration of structures, which includes parking facilities, post-tensioned structures, plaza areas, tieback anchors and suspended platforms.

At Entuitive, we operate holistically, which means our restoration experts can draw upon the expertise of our structural engineering and building envelope professionals. Our shared ideas and industry-leading knowledge of construction materials, durability and sustainability contributes significantly to restoration projects.

Each restoration project is unique. Our team works closely with the owner and contractor to develop a strategy that meets each project’s challenges, from cost-effectiveness and timing to creative solutions and minimizing disruption of operating facilities. In balancing project goals, we ensure the high quality of the restoration remains our prime objective.

We are dedicated to our projects beyond investigations and remedial design. Our range of restoration services also includes construction review and administration, and covers ongoing maintenance — we’re here for the life of the project and building.

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