Whether you want to build a house, a cabin or an office — or simply renovate an existing structure — the Energy Wall™ Insulation System is the most efficient and cost effective way to complete a building envelope. The technology has been used in numerous construction projects across the North with great feedback from users.
Today’s standard R-Value for wall insulation is R20 ∕ R30, the Energy Wall™ IS4000 used for new construction has R-Value 32.20 and the Energy Wall™ IS3000 used for retrofits has R-Value 18.40. While the overall cost of the Energy Wall™ Insulation System is similar to the materials for traditional construction, the high R-Value installed , continuous thermal break and the use of Energy Wall™ Insulation System made of NEOPOR®, keeps your home cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters.
Because of the strategic design of the Energy Wall™ Insulation System, it also requires less building materials and labour to create a double wall system for the building envelope. That means your building envelope goes up faster, saving you time, which is incredibly important during construction.


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