Energy Modeling and Computations in the Building Envelope | Ebook

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Energy Modeling and Computations in the Building Envelope instills a deeper understanding of the energy interactions between buildings and the environment, based on the analysis of transfer processes operating in the building envelope components at the microscopic level. The author:proposes a generalized physics model that describes these interactions at the microscopic level via the macroscopic characteristics of the building envelopepresents mathematical models that utilize classical analytical tools and can be used to perform quantitative predictions of the consequences of the energy interactionsreveals easy-to-apply engineering methods concerning the design and inspection of the building envelope, taking into account the effects of energy on the envelopeenergy Modeling and Computations in the Building Envelope provides comprehensive coverage of this environmentally and economically important topic, from the physics of energy transfer to its numerical estimation. The book is especially useful to those looking to increase building energy efficiency, decrease the consumption of primary energy carriers, and raise the ecological sustainability of construction products.

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