Ecoraster X30 For Contractors – LID Permeable Paving Canada

Ecoraster® can benefit commercial and industrial projects in many different ways.

Ecoraster® is an affordable alternative to traditional paving methods such as asphalt and concrete. In these applications, specifically due to the need for high quality paving, the cost benefits are very attractive. Offering a 20 year product warranty further enhances the cost benefit and ROI of incorporating Ecoraster® for surface parking and ground reinforcement.

-Since these types of applications are usually larger, the impact on the reduction in storm water taxes will also be readily felt.

-Ecoraster can be used for loading areas, heavy traffic areas for heavy loads, and customer and employee surface parking. Ecoraster® can also be used for sidewalks, pathways and warehouse storage areas. Ecoraster® has successfully been used for heavy duty access lanes, fire access and internal roads in home developments.

-Using Ecoraster® will eliminate surface drainage issues and help manage storm water where it lands reducing the need for storm water ponds and leading to a cost effective and efficient land use.

-Using Ecoraster® can help the client achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) status. As well, Ecoraster® will help enhance and solidify the clients’ commitment to sustainability. Easily visible to customers from the first step outside the building, Ecoraster® extends the idea of green building and eco-friendly sensitivity to the outside of the building envelope.

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