Diagon Alley Passive House That Combines Modern Design And Traditional Exterior Appearance

This small house in Steamboat Springs, Colorado combines modern design and a cutting-edge super-insulated building envelope with a traditional exterior appearance. As its name suggests, the Diagon Alley house sits just off the lane at the rear of its lot. Designated as an accessory unit under Steamboat Springs’ zoning bylaws, there will eventually be a second house built at the front of the lot. The Diagon Alley house was designed by architect Erik Lobeck of WorkshopL, a Colorado firm focused on ultra energy-efficient design and construction.

The house has a simple gable-roofed building form. It is clad in an attractive combination of reclaimed boards and metal siding. Besides the aesthetic appeal, the metal also serves a functional purpose. Skirting the bottom of the house, it protects the wall from the splashback of roof run-off hitting the ground.

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