CTBUH 2010 Mumbai Conference – Volker Buttgereit, “Large Scale Building-integrated Wind Turbines”

Wednesday, 3rd February 2010. Mumbai, India. Wednesday, 3rd February 2010. Volker Buttgereit, Managing Director, BMT Fluid Mechanics Ltd, London, presents at CTBUH 2010 Mumbai Conference. This presentation gives an introduction to the rather complex aerodynamic interaction between wind turbines and building external envelope and presents the analysis techniques necessary to robustly and comprehensively assess the aerodynamic performance of building-integrated wind turbines (BIWTs). It discusses the merits of commercially available wind turbine technology and explores innovative strategies for integrating large-scale wind turbines into the building envelope. In particular, this technical paper reviews possible innovative approaches in which engineering benefit can be derived beyond basic wind yield returns of these devices.

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