Crying Time (LFO Wah) and Little Ducky (Envelope Filter)

Two mini filter pedals, built on perfboard.

The Little Ducky is Runoff Groove’s/Homewrecker’s Nurse Quacky, but with the attack control moved inside to a trim pot and a different transistor that I thought gave it a rounder “wauw” sound.

The Crying Time is a wah controlled by an LFO (like a tremolo), based on DeadAstronaut’s Lightwah. I simplified the audio path to make it more transparent. If you’re interested in building one of your own, you can check out the thread I put up on the Madbean pedals forum with the schematic and build document (in the Members’ Projects section.

Gear used:
Don Quixotecaster
Tone King Imperial
George L’s cables
Signal chain has an Orange Squeezer (my Clementine) that is off for most of the video.

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