Ceramic Insulation Coatings by Deep Energy Solutions

Ceramic Insulation Coatings by Deep Energy Solutions
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Deep Energy Solutions provides a Ceramic Insulation Coating using an advance formula that is an easily applied with a commercial airless sprayer. It is a one part spray on coating. The formula consists of high quality polymers in a latex base.
The coating is highly saturated with tiny ceramic particles and very thin air gaps. A thin layer, 40 mills or 1 mm thick will block up to 30% heat transfer keeping the heat outside and the cool inside.
There are many types of heat sources and 3 primary ways heat is transferred CIC blocks all three types of heat transfer.
• Radiation – Heat transferred by light wave-based radiant energy, primarily infra red type
• Conduction: Direct contact in the form of heated molecules transferring their heat by exciting adjacent molecules
• Convection: hot or cold air movement across surfaces
Deep Energy Solutions provides 3 ceramic insulation coating products to meet your needs.
CIC Boost — Spray on Ceramic Insulation Coating for Rigid HVAC Ducting
• Seals and Insulates Ducts to Eliminate Air Leakage
• Eliminates Moisture, Mold or Corrosion Under Insulation
• Keeps Hot And Cold Air Inside The Ducts Preventing Energy Losses
• Which will reduce the HVAC unit run time saving energy and money
• Provides RvE (Value Equivalency) Comparable To R9 – R15 with Just 1mm Thickness
Rhinoskin –Complete Thermal, Corrosion and Acoustic Solution for the Automotive Industry
Benefits include
• Providing Thermal Insulation from Engine, Transmission, Exhaust System and Solar Gain
• Reduces the Noise from Engine, Road and other Annoying Rattles and Irritating Vibrations
• Protection from Corrosion and Rust caused by Moisture in the Air and from the Road
For Use On:
• Muscle hot rods
• Recreational Vehicles such as Motor homes and Trailers
• Trucks such as Refrigeration Trucks, Semi Trucks, Commercial Vehicles service and delivery vans
CIC Heat Block has been used effectively to reduce energy costs by up to 30% when used in the building envelope. CIC has been used successfully on roofs and walls in both interior and exterior applications commercial and residential buildings.
CIC effectively reducing energy cost by providing
• An Air Barrier to control air leakage into and out of the building envelope
• A Thermal Barrier to block the transfer of heat or cold
• A Vapor Barrier to block Moisture and Condensation and
• An Acoustic Barrier to dampen noise
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