Centra’s Experience Series Window for Multi-Family Strata Renovation and New Construction

Centra Construction Group specializes in the manufacturing of vinyl framed windows and doors for renovations and new construction, as well as the application of exterior siding materials and building envelope restorations. One of our biggest successes is the introduction of the Experience Series line of windows and doors, a 2012 Georgie Award Finalist as Best Innovative Feature. With the introduction of mandatory depreciation reports, quality building products with long life expectancy and low maintenance costs are increasingly important in multifamily construction.

Why is Centra’s Experience Series Window different from every other window on the market today? Three main things set this window apart: Improved Functionality, Cost Savings with Installation & Maintenance and a Beautiful Finished Look.
With traditional nail-on flange windows, cladding butts up to the window and is sealed. The unique profile shape of the Experience Series window allows the cladding material to be inserted into the window but because it is based on a standard nail-on flange window, every contractor will feel comfortable with installation. The profile has an easily removable tearaway section, which we recommend be left on until after installation and then removed to receive the siding material.

Traditional Nail-on windows require J-trim, accessory trims, flashings, and caulking with vinyl siding. With the built-in function of the J-trim, the need to install accessory trims, flashings, and caulking has been eliminated. This dramatically reduces material costs and substantially increases the speed at which siding is installed, resulting in even more savings.

Vinyl siding and fibre cement siding inserts into the brick mould trim pocket. The built in trim overlaps the siding in a shingled fashion and functions the same way a metal sill flashing would. Siding cuts do not need to be perfect, and wider trim features can still be applied if desired on front elevations and shortened construction schedules.

You can expect to save between to 0 per window during installation because there is no need for materials such as aluminum reglets, wood trims, and rod and caulking.

Here is a breakdown of an average budget for Window Maintenance: Sealant = /Year, Replacement Wood Trim = /Year, Paint for Trim = /Year, Window Installation & Maintenance Savings. Over 20 Years = Up to 60 Per Window
How Many Windows Are in Your Complex? The Experience Series Window could save you well over a Million Dollars over the life of your windows. As all strata’s are required to prepare and implement depreciation reports for their complexes. These maintenance and renewal costs are being reflected in an owner’s monthly strata fee. It should be a strata’s goal to reduce maintenance costs without reducing performance. If each Unit in your complex has 6 windows, Centra’s Experience series window eliminates per month depreciation cost for each homeowner, without eliminating the performance of the windows and siding. These Savings really add up!

The co-extruded trim or the entire window itself can be painted in any colour desired for a completely custom look. With its clean, modern design and the ability to be used in virtually any retrofit or new construction scenario, Centra’s Experience Series is the right choice for any job.

For more information or to book a lunch & learn or strata presentation with our building science expert, call your local office or check us out at www.centra.ca. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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