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Inspecting the roof and envelope of a 5 story building in the uptown area of Houston, TX. As seen in the video, the building has adequate davit arms and roof anchors and power source for descending and the building clearly has damage to many surfaces on the envelope, it has water leaks from bad caulking and damage to the exterior, the below grade system needs repairs and the concrete, glass and metal window frames have biological and mineral stains on them.

We at Elite Services Group can restore and protect the concrete, glass and metal window frames on this building leaving it looking clean, fresh, GREEN and pollutant free for years to come.

Is your building GREEN? We use high performance products that are environmentally effective and work with your building in protecting it and preventing it from putting our harmful pollutants into our environment. We at Elite Services Group, offer a total “GREEN” integrated solution for the preservation of your commercial buildings.

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